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Spinal Injections

There are many causes of spine-related neck and back pain including arthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and disc herniations. Sciatica or radicular nerve pain is due to pinched or irritated nerves related to these changes in the spine. Spine pain can be extremely debilitating and can diminish a person’s quality of life. At Origins Spine and Joint Physicians we offer a wide range of minimally-invasive interventional procedures (spinal injections) targeting the source of your spine pain. Fluoroscopic guidance is utilized to ensure precision when performing the procedures.

Epidural Steroid Injections involve placing medications such as local anesthetic and steroid into the spine near the irritated or pinched nerves to reduce inflammation and pain. This can improve a patient’s quality of life and function while avoiding invasive surgery. 

Facet injections treat the arthritic joints in the spine. This involves placing local anesthetic and steroid into the joint itself or on the nerves that supply the joints. This can reduce back or neck pain while also improving spine movement and function. This procedure is a diagnostic prerequisite for facet radiofrequency thermal ablation. (Underlined should link to ablation page)

The sacroiliac joint connects the lower part of the spine (sacrum) to the pelvis. This joint can become painful due to arthritis, trauma, or from pregnancy. Pain is commonly felt in the lower back and buttock area but may also extend into the thigh. Your provider at Origins Spine and Joint Physicians may recommend one of several options for treatment of sacroiliac joint pain. 

Sacroiliac joint injections are X-ray guided local anesthetic and steroid injections into the joint or the nerves that supply the joint which can reduce pain originating from this joint. Radiofrequency thermal ablation of the painful nerves supplying the joint may be recommended.